Capturing your brand and sharing your vision

Personal Brand Photography for your Business

The photos you use shape others opinions and emotions about your brand.


We live in a society of scan readers 

So although you may not read all of THIS

You've certainly seen the photos

Photos are instrumental to any business

Essentially, they define your brand

In todays world people want to connect on a personal level 

Your clients need to trust you

They want to know more about you

With you at the forefront of your business the photos you show of yourself are incredibly important. Keeping them current and in line with your goals will help grow your business. Low quality selfies, embarrassingly out dated head shots and irrelevant stock photos are ineffective.


Your brand captured perfectly attracts the audience you want!


That's why Businesses and Entrepreneurs hire me, I specialise in Personal Brand Photography.

I help you create authentic, powerful portraits and story telling images that look natural, even if you are the most camera shy individual. I am incredibly talented at capturing you the way you want to be seen and showing who you are in images.

It's all about you

I really want to know you, your business and create incredible images that resonate with your audience.


You won't need to worry about getting good photos of yourself or waste time searching for a photographer you can trust every time you need photos for you and your business. 


I travel to you, wherever you need me, to capture true storytelling portraits that help take your personal brand to the next level. 


Hi, Im Emma


I work with entrepreneurs and businesses who are passionate and genuinely interested in their audience.


Which is important to me because I am genuinely interested in others, I love using my creativity and talent to bring people out of their shell in a way which serves them and their business.


Everyone knows when something is genuine, it feels real and others want to be around it. 


If this resonates with you then I would love to be your personal brand photographer.